What I learned about making a movie

This is what I learned about making a movie.

Making a movie is kind of easy but at the same time  if hard If the people talk it is hard.

If everybody is quiet it is so much easier.

There is this thing called a green screen you hang it on a wall if you get an app and you can edit the green screen.

For exampel when an actor is playing her/his part if the green screen is in background of the camara you can put in a cool background effect if Macbeth is on the battle feild you would put in pots of soldiars in the shot.

Now for the camara shots if you do an over shot it is to someone small thats all for today

A-Z you might not know about me

A awesome B bright C creative D driven E exited F fart’s(a lot)

G great runner H hyper I idiotic J jaunty K keen L lazy

M mathematical  N Neil O observant P parrot Q questioning

R rich S strong T tea U untidy V vain W wonderful X x-ray

Y yoyo Z zzzzzzzzzz for sleeping

Happy Blogging

By Neil